Uncle Jamey and Baby William

Recently on this blog, I claimed that I was having a baby. Then, in a HUGE twist that absolutely no one saw coming, I revealed that the baby was, actually, my board game on Kickstarter.

In truth, though, while I was launching the Kickstarter campaign, two very dear friends were preparing to have a real, live, human baby. My best friend Trev and his wife, Laura, were pregnant with their first child.

I’ve known Trevor for 28 years, ever since we ran around the playground in preschool and group-peed on trees. I’ve known him as a friend for those 28 years.

A few years ago he got married, and I got to see Trev not just as a friend, but as a husband to his lovely wife, Laura. It’s been really neat to see him take that step.

Trev and Will

As of 3:44 yesterday afternoon, Trevor became something else: a father.

I had the honor and the pleasure of visiting Trev, Laura, and their new baby, William Parker, in the hospital today. He’s a little guy–born almost a month early, he weighs just over 5 pounds and can’t read or write. He was in this special open-air chamber that keeps him warm. Apparently it’s a place for a baby to feel safe and secure, and it kind of blocks out the world so they can focus on growing and staying healthy. When the nurse compared it to how adults just want to snuggle up in bed when they’re feeling sick, and I asked her if I could get an adult version of the baby bed for when I get migraines.

As I’ve noted in other posts, I don’t know if I’ll ever be a father. Sometime around last year I realized that women who didn’t want kids on online dating sites were becoming more attractive to me than women who wanted kids. So who knows what will happen there.

But I’m elated to be an uncle.

I can’t wait to watch William grow up, especially those first few years when he goes from ubiquitous baby to boy. I can’t wait to to hear him start to talk, and I look forward to talking to him like a person, not a little kid. I look forward to sharing books with him, and maybe taking him to the movies when he’s still at that age when every movie seems like a miracle. I can’t wait to kick the soccer ball around with him and Trev, and to see which sports and activities he becomes passionate about. I can’t wait to see him call Laura and Trev “Mom and Dad.” I can’t wait to give him full-size candy bars when the other kids are getting the fun size. I can’t wait to babysit for him so that Trev and Laura can continue to nurture their relationship as a couple. I can’t wait for the barbecues and the birthdays. I can’t wait to see William interact with animals–with Trev and Laura’s dog, Miller, and with my two cats, Biddy and Walter. I can’t wait to hear about what he’s learning in school, if not just to remember that time before we thought we know everything, that time when we knew so little and craved more, more, more. I can’t wait for the high fives and the fist bumps, for that first time when he does something better than us adults have ever done. I can’t wait to play board games with him, to see his little mind churn. I can’t wait for him to take my best friend’s hand when he needs to cross the street–I can’t wait to see Trev grow as a father. And I can’t wait for little William to call me Uncle Jamey, to think of me as part of his family, just as I consider him part of mine.

Trev and Laura, I am so excited for what awaits you. I wish you all the happiness and health in the world as you take this next step. You two are going to be amazing parents.

15 thoughts on “Uncle Jamey and Baby William”

  1. Very beautiful Jamey. 🙂 Everyone loves newborn babies and the hope they bring when they arrive. It is amazing to watch children grow up and change. Sometimes it’s hard to tell how fast time passes by, but when you are seeing a child literally grow before your eyes you realize it is indeed fast. Best wishes to your friends, and to baby William. 🙂 I wish my kids had an Uncle Jamey like you. I look forward to Biddy and William pics on Facebook. 🙂

  2. You do realize that this post is just going to make you all that much more attractive to women who *do* want to have kids …

    Just sayin’.

    • Carole–Hmmm…you might have a point. So I should point out that I’m excited about all of those things because I also get to go home to my condo every night without a baby. I’ll rarely have to change William’s diaper. I’ll hardly ever have to deal with temper tantrums and growing pains and puberty and all that. As the uncle, I get all the good stuff and very little of the bad. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the sweet post, Uncle Jamey! You’re always welcome to spend whatever time with little Will that you’d like. He’s going to learn a lot from you and have a lot of fun with you!

    • I look forward to teaching him the ways of the world, Trev. Perhaps his first reading material should be this blog. There are plenty of pictures.

    • Thanks Emily! I hadn’t thought of that, but you’re totally right. In fact, it’s pretty awesome when anyone is so excited to see you that they actually run to greet you. I need to elicit that response more often.

  4. Congratulations, Trevor. May the warmth of the love of your intertwined souls nourish the bundle of joy that flowered from your matrimonial bond. May the dew of the heavens provide all that he needs to rise from a cradle of dependency to claim the glory that is within his soon to be mighty grasp.

    Yea, his grasp is mighty.

    May he look to you and find a tower of strength, resilient against the winds of trial that bound across the land. May his greatest wishes become his biography, and may his name resound as a trumpet through the caverns and the mountains beyond the boundaries of our frail human eyes.

  5. Congrats Trevor and Laura! I hope baby William is doing well and gets to come home soon, if he hasn’t already. I can only imagine how tough it would be to leave the hospital without your baby. I know it’s probably hard now, but he’ll be home before you know it and keeping you on your toes. Take lots of pictures–it goes by so quickly!

    Jamey, this post was very sweet. It definitely puts you in the cool uncle category rather than the creepy uncle with the cats category. 🙂

    • Katie–Fortunately, they were still in the hospital with little William–I think they had a room for a few days.

      Wait, how close was I to being in the creepy uncle with cats category?!


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