Would You Rather Live in Hobbiton or Rivendell?


Pros: In Hobbiton, you’re surrounded by lush, rolling fields and snuggly hobbits. Life moves at a slow pace in Hobbiton, and the pubs are always packed by 5:00. There’s plenty of space to throw a frisbee or kick a soccer ball around, and you’re so far removed from the rest of Middle Earth that you rarely have to worry about being scourged. Also, houses in Hobbiton are rustic and beautiful, perfect for writers and artists looking for their muse.

Cons: Hobbits probably aren’t as snuggly as they look. In fact, they an argumentative, irritable people prone to saying they “can’t go on” even for the shortest of hikes. Their houses are tiny for us humans, and you’re sure to develop a permanent slouch after living in one for long. Also, even though you’re really far away from the rest of the world, you miss out on a lot of the action that happens in the east. It’s rare that anything epic happens in Hobbiton.


Pros: Rivendell is rife with incredible waterfalls, cliffs, and greenery. You’ll need your iPhone camera constantly out to shoot the latest vista or sunset. There’s a lot of history in Rivendell, given that the elves are immortal. You’ll be privy to the occasional board meeting of elders of all races, and even the eagles drop in from time to time. Oh, and the health care is excellent.

Cons: As pretty as the elves are, they’re immortal. You’re not. You’re going to rub each other the wrong way eventually, and the elves will start hinting that you should take a pleasure cruise from the Grey Havens. There’s very little to do in Rivendell except walk around and look at stuff. I doubt there’s even paddle boating at the bottom of that basin.

So what’s your pick, and why?

7 thoughts on “Would You Rather Live in Hobbiton or Rivendell?”

  1. So far I’m the only vote for Hobbiton. The tiny houses wouldn’t bother me because I’m about Hobbit size anyway, and I’d love to be able to eat a second breakfast without shame! I might have trouble finding shoes though…

  2. Hobbiton – I can always build a house that fits me if it’s a problem. I love the happy little community where everybody is carefree. I also love that everybody sits down at the pub drinking and smoking longbottom leaf 🙂

    Rivendell is beautiful, but too quiet and serious. The elves seem peaceful, but still unhappy. They’ve always got a sense of doom about them despite being immortal. I love the beauty of Rivendell, but I’ll take the merriment of the shire any day.

  3. I read this as a difference between an active happiness in everyday happenings and a perpetual pursuit for peace and perfection. I think individuality would be embraced better in Hobbiton, and diligence in Rivendell. The shire-mentality is also easier to find in reality. But it’s not as care-free as the rolling hills and unexpected parties and festivals make it seem. There’s a lot of hustling & bustling going on, so that they can find time to relax.

    Sara, you’re right. The elves of Rivendell long for release from immortality. The gifts elves were given were to be fair, and hearty. And the gift that Man was given was the release of death, which was twisted into a fear.

  4. Also, don’t count out Lothlorian. Less sad, because it evolved independent of the Noldor (though they have Noldorian rulers). Exists in a golden river valley, at the base of the Misty Mountains, and the end of Mirkwood. But still pretty tree-based, rather than open plains-based.

    Aaaand… I’m a dork.

  5. Hobbiton! YES!!! There’s plenty of good food and drinks. And all that grass to roll around. Love it! 🙂 But got to make sure no dog had poo on it first.


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