The Politics Poll

I don’t blog about politics. We’re not going to discuss which candidate has bigger binders full of women or was less awake during the first debate. In fact, for one blog entry I’d like to discourage conversation. However, I am curious about who you all plan to vote for next week (sorry, international readers–this is … Read more

Cats Helping Me Do Stuff

I usually try to start off the week with a pet please or an otherwise uplifting post…so how about one that features cats helping me do stuff? Enjoy!                   I bet you didn’t realize that cats were such helpful animals, did you? What do your pets help … Read more

How to Throw an Epic Party

Every year for the last 9 years, I’ve thrown a Festivus party in December (we’re coming up on #9). And every year I try to do something to top the previous year’s party. Last year was probably the biggest jump over any previous year because I not only added a VIP room to the event, … Read more

Team Dimensions Survey Results

Two months ago, I wrote about a new paradigm for team dynamics and asked readers to indicate what type of person they were. A few days later I launched my Kickstarter campaign, and writing a proper entry about the survey results was put on the back burner. I apologize for the delay. The good news … Read more

The Deception That Is “The Lion King”

There is no doubt that The Lion King is a very good animated Disney movie. But I think that most people have been deceived into thinking that it is a great movie–deceived in the same way that romantic comedies trick us into thinking that two people belong together simply because one of them has stalked the other for long … Read more

Pet Please #79: When You Learn That Something You Assumed Was Terrible Isn’t Actually All That Bad

This might be the most vague pet please yet, but bear with me–I think you’ll understand why I left it open-ended. The other day at work, a coworker came into my office to get some Tums (people have to walk through my office to get to the bathroom). She said that she had really bad … Read more

Paying for Priority Pizza

At one point during my Kickstarter campaign, I learned from my manufacturer that I could receive not just one, but up to five advance copies of the game airlifted to me months before the huge shipment of games would arrive. The project was fully funded by then, with 500+ backers, many of whom had said … Read more

Can Introverts Love Extroverts?

A friend posed this question to me today. I had to ask for clarification–I’m sure many introverts fall in love with extroverts, and vice versa. She clarified that she is curious about whether or not introverts can show their love to extroverts. Can introverts–those who typically need a lot of time by themselves to re-energize, … Read more