Cats Helping Me Do Stuff

I usually try to start off the week with a pet please or an otherwise uplifting post…so how about one that features cats helping me do stuff? Enjoy!

Biddy showing me how to play Viticulture.


Biddy helping me measure a box. (It’s .5 cat x .5 cat.)


Walter helping me make the bed.


Biddy showing me how to best use an iPad.


Biddy keeping my chair warm for me after I get up for 3 seconds.


Walter getting Biddy off the chair for me.


Biddy helping me write the blog.


Both cats helping me do fold the laundry.


Walter helping me pick briefs over boxers.


Walter changing his mind and deciding that he does NOT like briefs. He vows to destroy all briefs within reach.

I bet you didn’t realize that cats were such helpful animals, did you? What do your pets help you do?

5 thoughts on “Cats Helping Me Do Stuff”

  1. Jasper is my portable space heater (and an excellent cuddler), but is also remarkably adept at helping to finish off apples or random snacks… Most of the time before I’ve even realized that I was done eating said snack. He’s also a fantastic alert dog, and makes sure I am aware of any little sound, be it a person walking by outside on the street, a doorbell on tv, or the sound of the elevator reaching our floor.

  2. This is the greatest post ever! Walter looks like Biddy’s clone in the 6th photo. Looks like there’s a need for some new briefs. I’m guessing you are making some new ones from Walter’s silky fur. 🙂


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