Fudge and Puppies

At the end of my Kickstarter campaign, I told all 942 backers that if they ever ran a Kickstarter campaign for a passion project of theirs, I want to support them in some way, whether it be a pledge, a post, feedback, etc.

Because many of my supporters were people who started Kickstarter projects during my campaign, I already have 9 backer projects to which I’ve pledged. All are currently live, and I wanted to mention them to you today. I’ll highlight two of them in the post below, and if you’re interested in the others, you can click over to today’s Stonemaier Games blog entry.

Fudge Boys Expansion Project

A backer named Kevin is running a campaign to amp up production of his fudge for the greater Tampa Bay area. I’m always intrigued by dessert projects on Kickstarter–who doesn’t want a treat in the mail? Plus, they usually ship rather quickly after the campaign, unlike board games, which take months to produce…cough…

I pledged to support Kevin’s campaign and then told him that I’d be happy to write about the project during the campaign if I could receive my fudge early to properly endorse it. So today I received a package containing four large squares of fudge: chocolate walnut, chocolate peanut butter, chocolate strawberry, and vanilla caramel.

I’m providing you a photo of the chocolate peanut butter because I already ate all of the chocolate walnut. Seriously. It’s that good. It’s surprisingly creamy–perhaps I’ve been eating fudge at the wrong places, but I’m used to a more firm, granular fudge. Thus this fudge was a revelation. My eyes have been opened to a whole new world of fudge.

I shared the other types with my coworkers, and the consensus favorite was the chocolate peanut butter. If you back the project, you get to choose from a wide variety of flavors, so I would highly suggest going with both of those at the very least. Prices start at $15.

Secret Around-the-World Adventures of Owney the Postal Dog

This project is particularly special to mention because David Montgomery, the artist behind the project, also happens to be the artist who created the beautiful art for the Viticulture game board. A fair amount of my game’s success hinged on a good-looking board, and David pulled it off remarkably well.

What’s even more remarkable is that while David was working on the art for Viticulture, he was also working on a passion project of his own, a book that he and a friend had researched and developed for quite some time. The result is a fully illustrated graphic novel about a dog who traveled the world back in the 1890s courtesy of the U.S. Postal Service. It’s a fascinating tale that will be interesting for young and old readers.

I’m particularly excited about the $200 level, which lets you integrate your pets into the book. David is a skilled pet portrait artist, so your pets are in good hands. I normally wouldn’t spend that much on Kickstarter, but I felt good about backing at that level thanks to the considerable boost David’s art provided for my project. I can’t wait to see Biddy and Walter in the book!

For brief information about the other 7 projects I’m backing, click on over to this post.

3 thoughts on “Fudge and Puppies”

  1. OWNEY!! This is one of the coolest stories I know of. I had the privilege of long-term dog sitting a pup named Owney once, and I fell in love with this name and legend. Already backed that one!

  2. Granular fudge?! You have definitely been eating fudge at all the wrong places… That said, it is hard to find good, deliciously smooth fudge. I may have to back that project to get a taste of it 🙂


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