5 Must-Read Articles

This is how Walter feels about politics.

By the time you’re reading this, you’ll know who our new president will be. I’m stuck in the past, ignorant of the amazing things that you’re reading about in the future.

So while we wait to know our country’s fate, I have some a few articles I’ve Evernoted recently that I think you’ll really enjoy.

What’s the last article/blog entry you read that really moved you in some way?

5 thoughts on “5 Must-Read Articles”

  1. Joe Bageant, who sadly died a few years ago wrote a number of pretty powerful books and a number of essays that have rung true with me. http://www.joebageant.com has a great number of them, and they’re solid reads. Provided you still believe in the heart of liberalism.

  2. A short story I read as I stood in line yesterday morning to vote.
    It called “The Backward Fall” by Jason Helmandollar. Found it by Google-ing short stories. Be warned: It’s like “The Notebook”.


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