Caption Contest: A Meme in the Making?

I know, we just did captions the other day. But if you’re reading this on Monday, November 12, it’s my best friend Trev’s birthday. Many of you know him as T-Mac in the comments, and you probably also know that Trev and his wife Laura became proud parents of baby William about a month ago.

While celebrating Trev’s birthday today with his family, Trev mentioned to me that he had a particularly funny photo of Will that I might use for a caption contest on the blog in the future. As you can tell, the photo is an instant classic. This is meme worthy, people. It looks like Will is either rioting or protesting something.

You decide–what is baby Will shouting? Trev’s favorite caption will become the permanent caption on this photo.

9 thoughts on “Caption Contest: A Meme in the Making?”

  1. I am picturing a Family Guy’s Stewie-like voice saying something about refusing to be raised as a hipster and how a Key West vintage tee is not his idea of parenting style.

    In all fairness, I think the shirt looks awesome.

  2. Ok, for some reason, in my head your baby has the voice of Joe Pesci.

    So I says to him, “You better watch out, E*Trade baby! I’m coming for your job! I know you think you’re safe because I’m in St. Louis, but where there’s a Will, there’s a way!”

    Hold me back Dad, hold me back! That guy was staring at mom’s boobs! “Hey pal, back off! Those are OUR boobs!”


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