Halloween Costumes 2012

Sometimes I forget that not all of you are friends with me on Facebook or have Liked my Facebook page, so you miss out on the sheer number of embarrassing things I share every day. So today I’d like to make up for that by sharing my two Halloween costumes with you.

The first was for a Halloween party this past Saturday. A long time ago on a Pinterest board far, far away, I spotted an apron modeled after the Mellark bakery in the Hunger Games’ District 12. So I saved a note about it on my “Halloween” list,” and a few weeks ago I ordered the apron and vowed to go as Peeta.

I mentioned the idea to a friend of mine, and by sheer coincidence she was planning on being Katniss for Halloween. So we went to the party together, and we even discovered that there was another Katniss (but no Peeta) at the party. I never saw her, so I suspect that my Katniss shot her down before she had the chance to do the same. Here we are:

My second Halloween was today, October 31. I thought it might be fun and easy if my coworkers dressed up as each other, so I randomly matched everyone up with someone else. Here’s me and one of our interns-in-service, Michelle. I’m dressed up as another female intern (she often wears infinity scarves and cardigans–those aren’t mine), and Michelle is dressed as me.

What’s the best costume you saw this weekend or today?

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