Memento Would Have Been Different with Memoto

Have you ever been sitting around the break room table with coworkers or out at a restaurant with friends, and this perfect moment happens that you wish you could have captured, but it’s too late?

Have you ever wanted to put away your camera on a trip and just experience everything, but still have photos of everything you see?

Have you ever glanced over at the woman you love and she glanced back at you at the same time, and you share a moment that you wish you could frame on the wall forever?

Now you can.

Today I read about an incredible new device that is entering the last 48 hours on Kickstarter. It’s creators have already raised over 1000% of their original goal from nearly 3,000 backers, which is pretty incredible.

It’s called Memoto.

It’s a very basic concept that is beautifully designed. It’s a very small camera that clips onto your clothing, and from the second you clip it, it starts taking photos at a rate of 4,000/day. If you unclip it and put it in your pocket, it stops taking photos. Otherwise it’s one long documentary of your life.

That’s a lot of photos to sort through, right? Memoto helps you sort through them all by grouping by time and location (it uses geotagging to guess where you were). It’s smart enough to orient each photo correctly no matter how you clip it on. The batteries last for two days, and when you recharge it via USB, all of your photos are uploaded and stored privately on a cloud server.

On top of all that, the photos themselves are actually quite good. It’s a 5 megapixel camera and has a good light sensor.

I’m sure this isn’t for everyone. In fact, I backed it and then pulled out because I realized that because of the time I spend at my computer, it would end up being the most boring life photostream ever. Plus, I’m hoping they come out with a new version someday that has a built in microphone to record all those funny conversations, jokes, and incriminating statements that happen at the spur of the moment.

But for what it is, it’s absolutely brilliant. I love that we live in a time when something like this is possible.

8 thoughts on “Memento Would Have Been Different with Memoto”

    • I think you lead a significantly more adventurous life than I do. 🙂

      But that’s a great point–even if you only selectively used the camera, you would get tons of photos that you wouldn’t otherwise. I’d love to have one of these for Festivus.

      I should say that I am actually getting one of these. But it’s not for me.

  1. I agree that I wouldn’t want to use this in everyday life, not only because of the overwhelming number of photos that would be generated, but also because 75% of my photos would be of Excel spreadsheets or me sitting in my car in a traffic jam on I-270. However, if I ever got married,

    hold on a second while I stop laughing at that idea…*wipes away a tear*

    then I think this would be a really cool way to supplement the traditional wedding photography. Plus, it would be great for the honeymoon (or any other vacation) where you want plenty of photos, but don’t want to be the tourist walking around with a camera the whole time. And I’m sure some people out there would be all hyped up to have it for the wedding night!

    BTW, I see what you did with the title there. And I like it.

  2. This is an awesome device. I might get it for my future Euro trip. 🙂

    Oh, you should get two for the cats, then you can see their advantures from their views. How cool is that!

    • That’s actually a pretty brilliant idea. I’d love to see what they do from their perspective all day. Probably a lot of sitting at the window, but the vantage would be amazing.


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