What Was Your Missed Opportunity?

I think we all have at least one “what if” when it comes to investing. Maybe it’s a big company that started small like Apple or IBM or Google or Microsoft, or a perhaps it’s a huge IPO that you missed out on. TiVo, Netflix, and Amazon (specifically, the Kindle) are some of the products that I saw huge potential in, and I missed the opportunity to invest in them when I should have.

Commodities are particularly intriguing to me–specifically, gold. When I was a little kid, I used to search for gold when my family went on camping trips. We’d be on a hike and I’d get way up ahead as I always did. My parents would find me combing through a shiny spot on the path where I thought I had struck it rich.

I actually did find some fool’s gold this way. I remember reading somewhere that real gold is softer than fool’s gold, so I would try to bite the shiny rocks to determine which kind they were. I was lucky I didn’t break a tooth.

Recently I discovered that investing in gold–real gold–is actually quite lucrative. Which makes sense–I mean, as natural resources, commodities are finite. But I had no idea exactly how lucrative they are.

Let’s say you purchased 10 ounces of gold in 2003 for $320/ounce. I don’t know how people did things back then–those were the days of horse-drawn carts and butter churns, as I recall. But let’s say that some of the fancy sites that exist today were around back then. For example, let’s say you buy gold at BullionVault for a total of $3,200. That’s 2003, just 9 years ago, which is really not that long.

As of today, the price of selling gold is $1,725/ounce. If you sold your 10 ounces today, you would turn your original investment of $3,200 into $17,250. That’s an astonishing return on investment (nearly 600% ROI).

How did I miss that one?! That’s a lot of cat toys I could have bought for Biddy and Walter.

Like I said, I’m sure we all missed investments that we had hunches about but didn’t (or couldn’t) pull the trigger. What are some of yours?

4 thoughts on “What Was Your Missed Opportunity?”

  1. One of my biggest regrets comes from not taking advantage of a very lucrative offer that came my way. I was once emailed by this Nigerian prince that had been overthrown, and he had a vast sum of money ($20 million, if I remember correctly) that he was having trouble getting into the United States on his own. If I agreed to have the money transferred into my account to hold it for him, I was going to get to keep 30% of it! All I had to do was give him my banking infomation.

    But alas, there was something that kept me from going through with it. I think it was because I knew how that kind of money can change a person and I wasn’t sure if I was prepared to make that kind of sudden, life-altering decision.

    Needless to say, I’ve spent many sleepless nights regretting that choice.

  2. My friend Tyson and I saw a painting/print of Virgin Mary that looked just like Nicolas Cage. I told him we should buy it, but he didn’t want to split the cost of the ugly thing with me, and also didn’t want to hang it up in his house. We saw it at Treasure Aisles, and I kept telling him we should go back and get it. Then this happened: https://www.buzzfeed.com/lyapalater/nic-cage-is-also-the-virgin-mary

    Evidently, I missed my opportunity. Someone purchased it, and now it is the famous Nic-Cage-as-Virgin-Mary buzzfeed post. Could’ve been me.


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