The Joys of Meat Wrapped in Meat

With all due respect to vegetarians, there’s nothing better to us carnivores than meat combined with other meat. It’s always a special occasion when you discover a new combination of meat on meat. Tonight my parents introduced me to a new Stegmaier family tradition, on old German dish called rouladin. Rouladin is a large, thin … Read more

My 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2013

My apologies for the brief absence on the blog. I’ve been busy with family Christmases (which have delightfully included Biddy taking a massive dump on my parents’ couch–an act of defiance that he’s only done four times ever–and Walter using his recently clipped claws to ruin an antique carpet. Sounds like he finally wants to be declawed…). … Read more

5 Best Recent YouTube Videos

Mostly thanks to Facebook recommendations, I’ve had the pleasure of watching some absolutely brilliant YouTube videos over the past few months. For some reason they all seem to have disabled embeds, so I’ll link to them below instead: “Buttermilk Plays with Her Friends” – It’s quite possible that this is the best thing I’ve ever … Read more

Podcast Me

Sometimes I’m in awe of the quality and quantity of educational content available at our fingertips. YouTube, Coursera, Khan Academy, Wikipedia, blogs, podcasts…some say that we’re less connected to one another in this digital age, but we sure have the potential to be more educated. With my focus on board games over the last 6 … Read more

Making Sense of Friday

To make sense of Friday’s tragic, horrific events at the elementary school in Connecticut, I believe that there is no making sense of it. I think that’s a pretty important concept to wrap our heads around, as difficult as it is. Let me explain in two points: It’s impossible to rationalize with a truly irrational person. … Read more

Pet Please #81: Discovering the Perfect Salsa

Sometimes the greatest loves of our lives have been there all along. I’ve tried many a canned salsa in my day. There’s a whole shelf of them at the grocery store, not to mention the home-brew varieties in the fresh veggies section. I’ll say it–I’ve been around the block when it comes to salsas. With so many … Read more

Diets and Detoxes

It is likely that I’ll someday have to pay close attention to what I eat. For the longest time I’ve simply tried to keep a balanced diet–I eat terrible things like fried chicken (in moderation) next to wholesome things like baby spinach. I enjoy desserts, but I don’t overeat. And I exercise. Plus, I’ve been … Read more