Podcast Me

Sometimes I’m in awe of the quality and quantity of educational content available at our fingertips. YouTube, Coursera, Khan Academy, Wikipedia, blogs, podcasts…some say that we’re less connected to one another in this digital age, but we sure have the potential to be more educated.

With my focus on board games over the last 6 months in particular, I’ve discovered a wealth of information about games and game design. I work out in my bedroom (no, that’s not a sexual innuendo…or is it?), so at this point I’ve listened to/watched hundreds of video reviews of board games on YouTube (see, it’s not innuendo…or do board game reviews get my juices flowing?)

Game design and Kickstarter-related podcasts have also occupied a lot of my work-out time, brushing teeth time, and walking around naked time (wait, is this entire entry one big innuendo? Not that the size of the innuendo matters–it’s how you use it). I spent November listening to almost every episode of Funding the Dream, and now I’m hooked on a fantastic game design podcast called Ludology. I’d highly recommend both.

I’d love to hear your podcast recommendations. Do you listen to podcasts? When and where?

Also, somewhat related: If you haven’t already filled out this very brief survey with your favorite movie, book, song, etc of 2012, I hope you do so! The results will be shared here in just over a week.