The Joys of Meat Wrapped in Meat

With all due respect to vegetarians, there’s nothing better to us carnivores than meat combined with other meat. It’s always a special occasion when you discover a new combination of meat on meat.

Tonight my parents introduced me to a new Stegmaier family tradition, on old German dish called rouladin. Rouladin is a large, thin slab of beef covered in salt, pepper, and mustard. You put some onion, pickle, and a big piece of bacon on top of it and wrap it all up. You fry it and then let it simmer in the meat juices until its ready to eat.

Then you feast like the kings of Hamburg.

It’s melt-in-your-mouth delicious. Seriously.

What’s the last dish you cooked or were served that made your loins quiver like rouladin did for me?


9 thoughts on “The Joys of Meat Wrapped in Meat”

  1. We have a set menu for most holiday meals….we do it every year and it is, in a word, glorious.

    My absolute favorite thing (and yes, it makes me all a-quiver) is Uncle Doug’s baked fruit. I don’t even know why it’s so good….but it’s warm, melty, sweet and covered with cream. I’m quivering right now, just thinking about it!

    I’m going to ask my mom for the recipe….if I can get her to release it, I will share!

  2. I have two great recipes that go with your “meat wrapped in meat” idea:

    Bacon-wrapped Lil Smokies … they are baked with a brown sugar coating, which caramelizes in the oven … delicious! A co-worker makes these for our office Christmas party every year.

    Bruscaloni … slices of round steak filled with salami, as well as a parmesan-herb breadcrumb filling, then wrapped to form a little package and baked in a tomato sauce. My mom made it for Christmas dinner this year. I hadn’t had it in years, so it brought back memories from my childhood.

    As for a dish that makes me quiver … 🙂 Frozen Chocolate Cheesecake! It’s so rich and creamy, and unlike any other chocolate cheesecake that you’ve ever had. It’s another one of my mom’s delicious recipes. She still makes it for my birthday every year.

    • Colleen–The idea of putting a little brown sugar on the bacon is brilliant. I’m going to to have to try that. I’m not so sure about the salami though… 🙂

      That cheesecake sounds delicious! Tell your mom that accepts donations in the form of cake.


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