My Greatest Fear #36: That the Awesome Guest Star Won’t Become a Series Regular

Recently, something terrible happened on New Girl. Olivia Munn left the show. Granted, she was only in three episodes, but I love me some Olivia Munn, so to add her to one of my favorite shows made me a very, very happy man. But I was also a nervous wreck during those episodes, because I … Read more

The Morality of Uninformed Voting

Friend and occasional guest blogger Bryce e-mailed me with a really interesting question tonight:┬áIf you were an academy member, would you vote for an Oscar category if you had not seen all of the nominated films/performances in that category? My first instinct was to answer no. Of course not. How could I vote on something … Read more

Ramen Nostalgia

I’m in Austin, Texas for the weekend, and this was the first food I ate here. Apparently ramen might be the next hot food trend, and I couldn’t be happier. I haven’t had fresh ramen since my time in Japan 11 years ago, so it was like taking a bite out of my past. A … Read more

How to Fake Your Own Death

I know, morbid title, right? I want to say up front that this is not something I’m considering. I mean, if I was, I wouldn’t be writing it on this blog. (Now I’m faced with the challenge of tagging this entry. “Humor,” I guess?) I’m not condoning this in any way. However, I had a … Read more

The Future of Game Stores

A few years ago, I wrote a blog entry called “The Future of Bookstores,” in which I talked about how one key to the future success of bookstores is that they should become the best places to read books. Today I’m going to expand upon that comment in reference to a slightly different (but not … Read more

Lincoln and the Theater

Originally this was going to be a review of a new theater in St. Louis, the MX on Wash Ave. I got an invitation to the sneak preview grand opening tonight, and I thought I’d have a lot to say since it’s a fancy new theater in a hip area of town, and they’re doing … Read more