Home Sweet Home

I recently drove back to Virginia for the holidays, and I thought I’d share some photos from the trip with you.

Biddy suspects that something bad is about to happen, but he’s distracted by this new hiding place.
Surprisingly, my cats had no interest in my mom’s beta fish.
They did, however, have an interest in pianos and old family photos.
Almost as cute as my cats was my cousin’s new baby, shown here with my parents.
My big family Christmas was held at the newly renovated house of my aunt and uncle, which features something I want in my future shower: Two showerheads.
When he wasn’t pooping on the couch, Biddy spent his time at home staring out at my parent’s lush backyard. So many birds, so little time.
Cousins, siblings, my aunt, and my brother-in-law playing Viticulture.
My brother Andrew had a fondness for Walter’s willingness to cuddle.
The only time I’ve ever seen the cats this close. They banded together at my feet on the drive home.
Walter disappeared for the second half of the drive, and even after I had unpacked most everything I couldn’t find him. Finally I found him crouched behind the passenger seat. It must have seemed like a safe place to him.

4 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home”

  1. Were the cats at your feet while you were driving? I can see the article now:

    Massive Interstate Accident Caused by Cats on Floorboard

    The driver responsible for a 14-car pileup on I-64 on Sunday claims he was blocked from accessing the brake pedal by his two cats. Frustrated by the lack of attention they were receiving from their owner on the long drive, cat brothers Walter and Biddy Stegmaier crawled over the legs of their owner Jamey and onto the floorboard on the driver’s side of the vehicle.

    At first, Stegmaier wasn’t alarmed. “They looked so sweet and harmless down there, all curled up next to each other,” he noted. “I decided to let them be.”

    However, after the first few minutes, the cats became bored staring up at the crotch of their owner. Turning their attention to his New Balance shoes, they began to play with the laces, hampering Stegmaier’s ability to easily reach the pedals of the vehicle. Stegmaier had to swerve to avoid rear ending a vehicle in front of him, causing a chain reaction of accidents. Luckily, no serious injuries were reported, but Walter did spend the rest of the car ride home hiding out of sheer terror under some boxes behind the passenger seat.

    “I mean, if I had it to do over again, I probably would have made them move,” says Stegmaier. Showing a picture of the cats curled up at his feet he adds, “But they did look awfully adorable down there though, didn’t they?”

    Stegmaier notes that he now bans the cats from that area of the vehicle, but he does employ the use of a vacuum he oddly calls “Roomquisha” to tidy up the floor mats during his commute.

    • Wow…This. Is. Amazing.

      In fact, it’s particularly amazing because those are almost exact quotes from my internal dialogue!

      The truth of the matter is that I let the cats roam the car during the ride. I keep the back seat down so they can access the litter box and the trunk. Biddy in particular spent a lot of time at my feet. He doesn’t get in the way of my control of the car, though–if he did, I wouldn’t let him down there.

      Unless he was really cute about it.

  2. Dem showerheads. I bet it feels like showering under a waterfall. And that shower… so much room for activities.

    I think your cousins look like they were plotting to take over the world… well, the Viticulture world.

    And Walter… awww…. you so little in the little space. Don’t be scared. *pet, pet*


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