My Favorite Songs of 2012

Do you ever go way back in your music collection and listen to songs that you haven’t heard in years? That’s what happened to me this year after I resorted my hard drive and had to re-rate all of my iTunes music. I’m still not quite done (it’s a slow process) but I’ve really enjoyed finding hidden gems that I had forgotten about.

That said, I think I was able to figure out my favorite songs that I heard for the first time this year. Thanks to all of you who recommended this music, especially Erin H, as a bunch of these songs came from her excellent taste. If you have any other songs from these artists that you’d recommend, let me know.

  1. “Moving On” by Timmy Curran
  2. “Bloom” by The Paper Kites
  3. “When My Time Comes” by Dawes
  4. “Lament” by Mount Moriah
  5. “Somebody More Like You” by Nickel Creek
  6. “Little Talks” by Of Monsters and Men
  7. “Get Gone” by White Arrows
  8. “Work” by 1,2,3
  9. “Glorified High” by Sarah Jaffe
  10. “About Today” by The National
  11. “Welcome Home” by Radical Face
  12. “Keep Yourself Warm” by Frightened Rabbit
  13. “We Are the People” by Empire of the Sun
  14. “Trust” by Generationals
  15. “Punching in a Dream” by The Naked and the Famous
  16. “CPR / Claws Pt. 2” by Typhoon
  17. “Manchester” by Kishi Bashi
  18. “I Will Wait” by Mumford & Sons
  19. “Unsurfed Waves” by Snowblink

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