I Want to Go to There

Yesterday a site called Twisted Sifter posted their top 100 photos of 2012. There are some really creative photos in the mix, but the ones that truly moved me were of locations I had never heard of or seen before. They struck me as a few of the places I’d love to visit in my … Read more

My Greatest Fear #38: Staining My Dress Pants the Day After I Get Them Back from the Dry Cleaners

Confession: I don’t go to the dry cleaners all that often. I wash my other clothes on a regular basis, but for some reason it rarely occurs to me that my dress pants–which I wear several times a week–can get dirty. But they do. And then they smell of farts. Despite knowing that, usually the … Read more

If You Were a Zombie…

If you were a zombie, which celebrity would you most want to eat? There are several approaches you could take with your answer. The first is a celebrity that is so incredibly annoying that you would totally target him or her if you were a brain-hungry zombie. The second is a celebrity that would be … Read more