The Great Blog Tournament of 2013

After the success of the Battle Royale of Cuteness and the Tournament of Awkwardness, I’ve been trying to figure out what the next tournament would be. It needs to be something that combines photos and storytelling, as well as something that people would be excited to share with their friends. And I need to put it together soon–I’d like to launch it in February.

I’ve gotten some input from readers over the last few months, and I have a few ideas of my own. I have high hopes for this tournament, and I’m going to raise the stakes over previous years. So if you don’t mind taking a few seconds to vote on your favorite tournament options below (up to three per person), I’d greatly appreciate it. Don’t just vote based on what you’d like to see–vote on what you’re likely to enter.

Tournament of Photobombs: I think photobombs are hilarious, and I think most people have at least one photobomb to share. The big problem is that there are tons of photobombs out there on the web–this wouldn’t be all that unique.

Tournament of Captions: I picture this as a tournament where two people go head to head to write the best caption for a silly photo. The photos could come from anyone (I could even find the photos). I don’t think that this would garner the storytelling and one-upmanship of previous tournaments, but it could be funny.

Tournament of Random Acts of Kindness: This would flip the tournament on its head. People would compete to commit the greater act of kindness. I think it’s a really neat idea in principle, and I like how it would contribute positively to the world, but my concern is that people wouldn’t return from their assignments in a timely manner, which could cause the tournament to drag.

Tournament of Did-It-Myself: We all have things that we’ve fixed or put together around the house. Whether it’s a deck or a chair or a clever contraption made of duct tape, some great stories and photos could emerge from this concept.

Tournament of Ole Faithful Items: After a prolific response to my entry about items and clothing that I’ve had for WAY too long, I thought that this could be a neat tournament concept. Every round in the tournament would require a new ole faithful item to share via photo, as well as the story that goes along with it. The only big problem with this entry is that the name doesn’t explain the tournament all that well to the general public.

Tournament of Cleverness (Pets vs. Babies): I had a blast with the pets vs. babies theme of the original Tournament of Cuteness, so why not bring it back for a tournament of cleverness? Plus, it could be the first tournament to feature videos of your pets and babies doing clever things.

Tournament of Feral Morning Hair: This is the latest addition. Sure, it would be hilarious to see what people look like when they wake up in the morning, but are people really going to take photos of that and share it with the world? Vote yes if you personally would; otherwise don’t vote for this one.