Tournament of Made-It-Myself: Round 1.2

As noted in yesterday’s matchup, which is still open to voting: You may vote for yourself once, and you may solicit friends and family to vote (again, one vote per person–the same applies to all readers).

If you want to follow this tournament, you can subscribe to this blog in Google Reader or on our Facebook page. If you’re new here, feel free to poke around a bit. I respond to comments even if they’re on entries from years ago.

Our first entry today is from Elaine and Mary O. in St. Louis:

We make homemade wine charms made using scrapbook paper and epoxy resin. This project started as a Mother’s Day gift in 2012. We put the faces of all six kids in our family, two in-laws and our parents on photo paper and made wine charms for everyone. Since then, we’ve been making wine charms under the name Honey Bee Charms and selling at local craft fairs, on an Etsy shop, and making custom photo charms for friends and family. They are 1 inch in diameter.

Elaine - AnimalPrintCharms

They’re going against Fred W:

We gamers love poker chips for all sorts of games and the 5/8 in. chips are easiest to carry around, but they come loose. So I decided to build a box for them. I made it with a dremel, and it took lots of work getting the sides just right. The front has a lip on the top to allow room to get the chips out. The inside is blue felt attached to the top and racks. The racks are made of styrofoam corner molding you can get at the hardware store. The wood is from any hobby store, then glued and screwed together.

Fred W Poker Chip Box

Time to vote! Polls close on Sunday at 2:00 CST.

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