Tournament of Made-It-Myself: Round 1.3

As noted in yesterday’s matchup, which is still open to voting: You may vote for yourself once, and you may solicit friends and family to vote (again, one vote per person–the same applies to all readers).

If you want to follow this tournament, you can subscribe to this blog in Google Reader or on our Facebook page. If you’re new here, feel free to poke around a bit. I respond to comments even if they’re on entries from years ago. A good place to learn about the blog is on the About page, which caters to the type of person you are.

Our first contestant today is Kelley C. with a really photogenic project:

This year for Christmas I made everyone in my gaming group their own personal set of gaming pieces. Set included 10 pawns in a unique shape and color for each player ( pieces were made by gluing together small wooden pieces from the craft store), as well as 2 dice in that color, one large and one small disc in that color, and six small cubes in that color. Everything was made and packed into a small easy to carry tin with the players name on it. I made 25 sets in all and everyone in my group loved them.

Kelley game pieces

Up against Kelley is Addison F., who brings us a less photogenic project, but one that is no less impressive:

This is not a picture from the finished construction, I somehow managed to not have any of those, but it’s about 75% done in this shot. Basically, my apartment is a loft, and I decided instead of a TV I needed a projector to shoot against the wall across from the loft balcony. But it’s in my lease not to drill into the walls at all. So what’s to be done about it? Go out, assemble a frame of PVC, and then take some hooks and wire (not pictured) to hang the projector off of it. The finished setup also uses those stick-on Command Hooks to run all the wires along the wall around the window so that they can plug in A/V and power without dangling in my living room.

Addison's projector mount

Time to vote! Polls close on Sunday at 2:00 CST.

2 thoughts on “Tournament of Made-It-Myself: Round 1.3”

  1. Wow. Kelly’s game pieces are colorful, pretty, and thoughtfully personalized. They probably involved a lot of time, paint fumes, and hot glue gun injuries. Impressive.

    On the other hand, even though the 2nd project is admittedly plain and borderline-unpretty, I’m more and more impressed the longer I think about it. Addison trusts it to hang really expensive AV equipment. It may not look awesome, but you’ve got to have some respect for a self-designed PVC project that hasn’t let the projector go crashing to the floor! (…yet)


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