Tournament of Made-It-Myself: Round 2.2

Yesterday’s matchup is live until Sunday at 2:00 pm CST, as is this one. Who will make it to the finals? Will the finalists have to build a cat condo for me? Your vote decides!

First up we have Kelley with her intriguing card game:

Last year around Halloween I made up this card game that I called “The Great Pumpkin”. It started out as a re-theme of the game “The Great Dalmuti” with some minor differences, but has now been completely revised after many, many hours of game play with my gaming group. The photo is of the original deck I made from my color printer, including the box I made for the cards. Our group rates every game we play and at the end of the year we play a tournament of the top one hundred games for the year. My little game ended up being number one for last year with a rating of 9.7. Everyone loved it so much, that I am planning to publish it later this year!

Kelley Callery Great Pumpkin

Her competition is Mary with this Pinterest-inspired string art:

I’ve been seeing a lot of string art on the web and wanted to give it a whirl! So I channeled my creative skills with the power of Pinterest into this project.

I originally bought a fairly large strip of wood from the hardware store for a different project but once I realized how heavy it was, I knew I had to scale it down. I sawed it down to a smaller length and stained the wood to give it more depth. Then it sat around and collected dust for a few weeks as I began to think…

The wheels started spinning when I saw string art online. I knew it was time to find a quote of my own. I found typography that played off one another well and went to work. I wanted to choose lighter, brighter colors for the string to not only jump from the darker background but to illustrate the text to the reader. I choose the word “happiness” and a quote from Simon and Garfunkel “I have nothing to do today but smile.”

I am still finding a home for this project but I know I will be looking for it before I walk out the door each day!!

Mary Lawler String Art

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