Thank a Writer: My Favorite Author

Yesterday I was reading the best blog on writing and publishing (check out Nathan Bransford’s blog here), and I noticed that he had an interesting premise for his daily post. He devoted a blog entry to simply thanking an author that had a huge impact on him–in this case, the author was Bill Watterson, author … Read more

Tim Tebow, Motivational Speaker

A few years ago, I applauded Tim Tebow for his charitable work despite my view of him as an overrated quarterback (look how that turned out). I’m sure he’s a very nice guy, and I really do think highly of celebrities who use their wealth and fame to improve the world. That said, I’m hoping … Read more

Idea Realized: Pave

A few years ago, I wrote about an idea I had involving a new form of investment: people. Specifically, young people in need of funds to attend the college of their dreams. You choose a student to support, pay a small percentage of their college tuition, and as soon as they start earning money after … Read more

Leadership Tactic #1: Responsiveness

I’ve learned a lot in the last year about running a business. Forming Stonemaier Games to publish and distribute Viticulture has taught me about customer service, accounting, project management, marketing, sales, production, shipping, logistics…the list goes on. A lot of it–perhaps 75% or so–is simply interacting with people. Some of those people are clients (Kickstarter … Read more

Vending Machine for Pets

Before you get all excited/up in arms about vending machines that dispense kittens and puppies (which, although unethical, would be awesome), let me explain my idea: I read somewhere that pet food is essentially recession-proof. No matter how tough times are, the vast majority of people who have pets want to treat them well. In … Read more