Cats in Boxes

This past Friday, I received the advance copies of Viticulture. I have to say, it was pretty amazing. Now I understand how all of you parents feel when you get to see your child for the first time. I’m sure it’s exactly like that, right?

The sad news is that as soon as I got the advance copies, I had to send almost all of them back out to advance copy backers. Also, due to an improvement in my supply chain, I also needed send out wine glasses and cork screws to my international backers. This meant that there were boxes all over my room, so it was cat heaven for Biddy.

Biddy chooses his first box.
Biddy chooses his first box.
Biddy soon upgrades to a highrise.
Biddy soon upgrades to a highrise.
Yes, Walter still exists and is super cute. It's like his whole body is smiling here.
Yes, Walter still exists and is super cute. It’s like his whole body is smiling here.

What’s the cutest/most endearing thing your child or pet did this weekend?


7 thoughts on “Cats in Boxes”

  1. Conversations with a 5-year old are the best…oh wait, excuse me. Conversations with an “almost 6-year old” are the best. These weren’t limited to this weekend, but here are some pretty recent ones.

    1. (middle of a conversation you don’t want to know about)
    Me: Everybody poops, buddy. They even wrote a book about it.
    Charlotte (asking so quickly I can’t help but wonder how long she has been thinking about this): How does an octopus poop, Mom? They don’t have butts.
    Me: I have no idea, but we are looking that up as soon as we get home.

    2. (listening to “Somebody that I Used to Know” on the radio in the car)
    Charlotte: Mom, why is that singer guy so angry?
    Me: Well, I think it’s because his girlfriend broke up with him and she doesn’t want to talk to him anymore.
    Charlotte: He probably wouldn’t share his snack with her during snack time.
    Me: I think you’re on to something.

    3. (listening to another song on the radio)
    Charlotte: What does “drunk” mean?
    Me: Ummmmm….well, it’s when someone has too much of a grown-up drink like beer or wine…
    Charlotte (interrupting) Or margaritas?
    Me: (feeling like a stellar role model) Yes, or margaritas. They drink too much and then they act a little silly.
    Charlotte, every day for the next two weeks: Mom, see that guy over there? He looks silly. He’s probably drunk.
    Me: You really have to stop saying that.

      • Hahaha, that’s great. On a trip back in September, my grandmother brought along a bag full of candy for the flight. Being a grandmother, she started feeding Charlotte candy the minute we took out seats, while the rest of the passengers were still boarding the plane. I took a yellow Starburst, not knowing that it was one of those tropical ones. It was pina-colada flavored, which I hate. Charlotte said she wanted to try one, so we gave it to her, and she immediately began exclaiming in the middle of the crowded plane, “I love pina coladas!”

        • This is awesome. Katie, I wouldn’t just say this to any parent, but I say it to you: You should have a blog for all of these little conversations. I would be greatly amused by it, and I could learn more about octopus poop.

          • Katie – I love your comments. I laughed out loud. Jamey once woke us up in the middle of the night when he was just ‘a wee bit of a lad’ and asked us ‘where babies came from?’ As we were ready to explain in details, he interrupted us with an addendum to the question – he meant baby dolls and teddy bear. I think I am glad he never asked about how octopus’s poop.

            • For some reason, Charlotte has always thought that babies are born when the mother vomits them up. I think she’s traumatized enough by that assumption. I don’t want to make it worse by telling her the truth just yet!

              If you never answered the real question about how babies are made, it makes me wonder if Jamey ever figured that out…

              • I’ve never heard that story, Mom! That’s awesome. 🙂 I’m curious about your answer.

                And Katie, to answer your question, I’ve honestly never figured it out. I’m going with the vomit theory.

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