Facebook Announces That You Can Now Like Likes

MENLO PARK, California (AP) – In a widely anticipated development today, Facebook announced that users will now be able to Like Likes, the popular form of showing agreement on the #2 website in the world.

facebook_like_button_big“For years now, Liking something on Facebook has been the way to say, ‘I like this, but not enough to comment or share,'” said Facebook spokesperson Sandy Chow. “Now we’re taking it to the next level.”

According to Chow, the Like Like has been in beta testing for 6 months. The update will be rolled out in stages on Monday.

“Now when a friend Likes something on Facebook, you can Like their Like,” said Chow. When pressed for an example, she continued, “Have you ever had a hipster friend ironically Like Walmart? You may have chuckled when the Like appeared on your feed, but you had no way to respond. Now you can hover over their Like and click the Like box in the lower left to show your appreciation for their wit.”

The announcement took the blogosphere by storm. Tech blogger Eric Martinez wrote that despite his privacy concerns, he likes the idea of the Like Like. “Just the other day I posted a hilarious observation about March Madness cheerleaders,” he wrote on his blog, BookFace.com. “I usually don’t do this, but I couldn’t help but Like my own comment. Now I can go meta and Like the Like on my comment.”

Facebook clarified that Like Likes would not appear in a user’s News Feed, but rather in the News Feed Feed. Users can also Like when a friend Likes a page that they already Like as a sign of appreciation.

“For example,” Chow explained, “You may have liked the G.I. Joe: Retaliation page months ago, and this week one of your friends also Likes the page. You can subtly let your friend know that you two should go see the movie together by Liking their Like.”

“It’s literally the lowest form of appreciation,” Chow added.

When asked if Facebook would ever allow users to Like Like Likes, Chow replied, “That’s a clown question, bro.”

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  1. The Ass Press strikes again! Great entry. Also (totally unrelated), have you considered creating an unpaid blog intern position?

    • Trev–I haven’t thought about that in a while, but I definitely need to consider it. I’ll see if Sandy Chow is interested.


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