My Favorite Unmanly Thing: My Tweezerman Tweezers

TweezersI write this as if it’s the only favorite unmanly thing I own or do. Honestly, though, I rarely care about what’s manly or not manly–I just do what I like. I’m confident in my masculinity. If there’s a drink called “Georgia Peach” on the menu, I’m going to order it. If there’s a catchy song in Pitch Perfect, I’m going to sing to it. No big deal.

But today’s entry deals with something special, something private, something tucked away in the corner of my toiletry box: My Tweezerman tweezers.

(If you’re not in the mood to read about a dude plucking hairs, stop reading now.)

For most of my adult life, one of my weirdest indulgences has been to pluck the hairs from my face that my razor doesn’t catch. I use an electric razor because puberty only affected me halfway, and sometimes, no matter how many times I run the razor over my skin, it just won’t get certain hairs. It’s immensely satisfying to tweeze those hairs. There’s something satisfying about knowing that because you got the hair from the root, it’s not growing back for a while.

However, for the longest time the only pair of tweezers I had were thin metal ones I permanently extracted from my Swiss Army knife. They’re decent, but they’re really flimsy, so it’s hard to get a good grip on a particularly stubborn hair.

Enter girlfriend C., who gave me what is quite possibly the best present I’ve ever gotten from a lady friend: The aforementioned Tweezerman tweezers.

As you can see from the photo, they’re made of firm metal, and the ends are slanted. The slant is key, because when you pluck a hair from your face, it’s almost always at an angle.

I’m not alone here, right? You’ve all plucked a good hair in your day. It feels good, right? Imagine that feeling and multiply it by 100. That’s how it feels to pluck with a Tweezerman.

As I get older, hairs sprout up in random places that simply need to be plucked. Those rogue hairs seem to come out of nowhere–one day there will be no hair, and then the next I’ll have a nose hair the length of my forefinger poking me on the upper lip. Same with ear hairs, neck hairs, back hairs, and an friendly family of three on the top of my left foot.

I know, you don’t read this blog to get lists of my random body hair. But I’m sure you too have random body hair, and now you know the ideal way to extract it: Tweezerman.

For you guys out there, what’s the most unmanly thing you own? And ladies, what’s the most non-feminine thing you do or own? If we embrace these things, they stop being manly or unmanly and just become things.