Vending Machine for Pets

Walter always goes first (he doesn’t eat much), and then Biddy gets the leftovers.

Before you get all excited/up in arms about vending machines that dispense kittens and puppies (which, although unethical, would be awesome), let me explain my idea:

I read somewhere that pet food is essentially recession-proof. No matter how tough times are, the vast majority of people who have pets want to treat them well.

In addition, people spend a ton of money pampering their pets. I go to the grocery store about once a week, and every time I go, I get Biddy and Walter small pack of nice cat treats. I got in the habit of doing it, and now they expect it, and my heart smiles when I see them get all excited about it.

Unfortunately, my cats won’t go for walks. But millions of dog owners take their dogs out every day. Here’s where my idea comes in: What if there were classy little vending machines that dispense delicious dog treats? Nice treats.

It actually seems a little silly now that I write it. You could just wait until you get home to give your dog a treat, and you’re probably walking your dog so he can stay healthy, not pack on more weight. But if they were there, I bet they would get used. Especially if dogs knew there were treats inside.


4 thoughts on “Vending Machine for Pets”

  1. I like this idea. It can work. If there’s a cupcake vending machine, there can be a pet treat vending machine.

    Ugh… All these pet posts make me want to pet an animal. These pictures are too cute for words.


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