The Hunger Games of Cuteness

It’s well known among the cat-owning blogging community that despite the results of the Tournament of Cuteness and the Battle Royale of Cuteness, I still think my cats are the cutest creatures alive. That is, until recently. Well, okay, I still think my cats are the cutest. However, recently my sister had her first baby, … Read more

A Toast to Jason Collins

If you’re a sports fan or a fan of life, you read a letter posted on Sports Illustrated by Jason Collins, an NBA basketball player who revealed today that he is gay. He is the first active athlete in a major American team sport to reveal that he is homosexual. It is a brave, eloquent, … Read more

The Nice Jeans Conundrum

Last year I did a video review of a service called Trunk Club on my blog. Trunk Club sends you a big box of high-quality clothing catered to your tastes. It’s free to get the box, and you only pay for what you keep. As noted in the video, one of the pairs of jeans … Read more

Do You Try to Win Conversations?

Conversations aren’t battlefields. There aren’t winners and losers. But that doesn’t stop us from trying. Today I was having a conversation over e-mail with a few colleagues about an issue that arose at work. There were many different sides to the story, several layers of miscommunication, and dropped balls by several people. Overall, we were … Read more

Would You Eat a Cricket?

I asked this to a coworker the other day after I read this article. She looked at me and laughed–nay, she guffawed. “No way!” she said. “Gross!” “What if it didn’t look like a cricket?” I said. “How so?” “What if it was chopped up and molded into a new shape, something tasteful and elegant. … Read more