I Pause for Boston

bostonI’ve been trying to figure out all day what I should say about the Boston Marathon explosions. Such a tragic act of cowardly aggression deserves something to be said–this isn’t a day to write about funny song lyrics or some crazy idea of mine.

When something like this happens, we need to pause and acknowledge the incident. To honor those we’ve lose and to salute those who stepped up in the face of danger. To feel a connection to strangers in a city hundreds of miles away, and to hold tight those we know and love the most. To look evil in the eye without blinking, and to remember all the good in the world that no terrorist can ever take away.

This is a time to pause and declare that we can be better and we will be better. Better than the cowards who did this. Better than the people we were before this incident. Better than the world we lived in yesterday.

Boston, I pause for you today.

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