Let’s Look at the Lyrics: The Thong Song

sisqoLast week I examined the timeless classic song from The Sound of Music, “Do Re Mi.” Naturally, today I look at the next evolution in music, Sisqo’s “The Thong Song.”

If you’ve never heard “The Thong Song,” I’m going to feel really old, so please just pretend you have or go watch the music video on YouTube here.

Here’s the bridge of the song, which blog reader Ansley suggested I take a closer look at. I’ve broken it down line by line.

She had dumps like a truck truck truck: The bridge begins with Sisqo singing his praises of a nameless woman. We’ll call her Charlotte. In this classic tale of boy meets girl from the other side of the tracks, while Sisqo is raised among wealth and opulence, young Charlotte grew up on a poorer side of town. Her father scraped together a living by three consecutive shifts every other day (hence the repetition) as a dump truck operator.

Thighs like what what what: Despite Charlotte’s background, Sisqo, who has never been comfortable with his wealth, sees more to her. Specifically, he sees her thighs, lean and strong from walking to the local university to audit classes. He is so shocked when he first catches sight of her magnificent thighs that he stammers: “what what what.”

Baby move your butt butt butt: Here is the first of two request that Sisqo will make of young Charlotte. Scholars have pondered the true meaning of this line for decades, but most agree that Sisqo is trying to gauge Charlotte’s ability to bear and deliver his children

Uh: This is the high point of the song. This is no common “uh,” no plebeian pause. Nay, this is the work of a master writer pouring his heart and soul into the song. Sisqo spent years studying Greek mythology and Shakespearean verse to write this one line.

I think to sing it again: Where some have said, “I think, therefore I am,” Sisqo takes it to the next level in this stanza. He proclaims that using one’s brain to think is man’s way of singing to the world.

She had dumps like a truck truck truck: Here Sisqo returns to Charlotte’s origins. The repetition of the line is meant to remind us that Sisqo isn’t ignoring who Charlotte is or from whence she comes–he sees her, accepts her, and loves her.

Thighs like what what what: Quite simply, Sisqo can’t get enough of Charlotte’s thighs.

All night long: Here is the first time Sisqo gives us a frame of reference for the song. We still don’t know exactly when this story takes place–it could be any time in history. But thanks to this hint, this sliver of knowledge served to us like a chilled aperitif on an antebellum summer day, we know that it is nighttime.

Let me see that thong: The bridge culminates in the second–and most important–line of the song. It is here that Sisqo holds back no longer, revealing his hopes, his dreams, his aspirations. With his heart in his hands, he says to Charlotte, “Let me see that thong.” Does Charlotte oblige or resist? You’ll have to keep listening.

Thank you, Sisqo. Thank you for this legacy, this pinnacle of creation.

What was the best April Fool’s joke or prank you heard about today? My favorite was YouTube’s announcement that the entire site was built for a contest to pick the best video, and now submissions are closed. They announced all nominees on a live feed today.