Pet Peeve #48: Deceptive Bottoms of Ice Cream Pints

pintMy 10-year college reunion was this weekend, and because I live 5 minutes away from my university, I attended one of the events. It mostly involved not talking to people I vaguely recognized but didn’t actually know in college.

However, I did run into my freshman floor roommate, which brought me back to those early days in college when I had to share a room with someone very different than I. It was a learning experience.

One memory that came back was of the two of us going to get pints of Ben & Jerry’s from the campus store. We realized after we got back to the dorm that the pints didn’t fit into the mini fridge freezer, so we each had to finish our pints that day. If anyone ever wants to cure the Freshman 15, all you have to do is make mini fridges with freezers that fit pints of Ben & Jerry’s.

As you all know, at the bottom of a pint of Ben & Jerry’s is a surprise: You think you have an inch of ice cream left, but instead your spoon hits cardboard.

If, like me at the time, you’re a freshman in college when this happens and you just ate an entire pint in one sitting, you probably won’t be too disappointed that there’s no ice cream left. But as a responsible, ice cream consuming adult, that deceptive bottom can be devastating. It can be the difference between a pleasant evening watching Survivor and a loinclothed tirade on my balcony. Hypothetically speaking.

Have you run into this issue? Fortunately my ice cream brand of choice is Breyers, and their ice cream containers are flat on the bottom. That’s how you do it.

2 thoughts on “Pet Peeve #48: Deceptive Bottoms of Ice Cream Pints”

  1. It’s scandalous, really. At a local gas station (where one must go for those late night ice cream cravings), the B&J is over $6! Highway robbery, I cry! And yes, when I’ve just paid $6.08 for a PINT of B&J, I want the whole pint….I don’t want those extra 3 ounces missing at the end of my journey into the glorious world of Cherry Garcia.

    I say we STRIKE!

    • OVER $6 for a pint of ice cream! I might have a little heart attack after reading that. That better hits the spot and gives you some ice cream-gasms. Only ice cream that I have that is over $6 is ice cream from The Fountain on Locust. That has some alcohol.


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