The Joy of Being Arrested

Thank you, Netflix. 7 years have passed since Arrested Development went off the air. I have the DVDs, and I’ve watched the series multiple times since then. But it’s been a while, and honestly, I had forgotten how truly amazing the show is. Until tonight. After searching my TiVo and HBO Go for the Game … Read more

The Joys of Unclehood

This weekend I traveled back home to Virginia for a mini family reunion of sorts and to meet my first niece, Anna. I discovered right away that (a) my niece is amazing, (b) human babies are different than cats, and (c) that it’s amazing how long you can hold your arm in one place when … Read more

Football Comes to America

A few months ago, I was elated to learn that two of the top soccer teams in England, Manchester City and Chelsea, were going to play a friendly match in Busch Stadium here in St. Louis. I’ve played soccer all my life and am a huge fan (particularly of the English Premier League), so I … Read more

Star Trek Into Happiness

I know, I know, two movie posts in one week. Currently 90% of my brainpower is focused on Euphoria, so I haven’t been very good at thinking of blog ideas (the other 10% is about my cats). But I did see Star Trek this past weekend, so I’m going to write about it whether you … Read more

Iron Man 3: The Assessment

This entry will include spoilers for Iron Man 3. Okay, Iron Man 3 has been out in theaters for 2 weeks, so I hope it’s fair game to discuss it in detail. I want to start off by saying that Iron Man is my favorite live-action superhero movie. Period. It hit every beat perfectly for … Read more

Graduation Day

Today is graduation day at many colleges and universities across America. It’s been 10 years since I graduated from Washington University in St. Louis, so today makes me think back to that day. I don’t remember much about that day. I know that I coordinated a catered lunch for my group of friends and their … Read more

The Office Is Closing

After 9 seasons, NBC’s The Office will close its doors for the final time tomorrow. Some of you have never seen the show. Others watched the British version and didn’t like the way it translated to American English. Others may have watched until Jim and Pam got together and then stopped, while many others may … Read more

The Song of Euphoria

As of this second, I have a new project on Kickstarter called Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia. I can’t tell you how excited I am about this game and this project. It is the product of countless hours of research, brainstorming, designing, coordinating, and playtesting. And I loved every minute of it. You don’t read … Read more