Niece’s Pieces

IMG_20130412_093205_375Lately I’ve been experiencing something that is new to me, especially as someone who scores as a high T (thinker instead of feeler) on the Myers-Briggs: I have a little baby niece, and I think she’s wonderful.

I haven’t even met baby Anna yet, but I will soon when I take a trip home to see the newest addition to the family. And I’m kind of bewildered by how excited I am to meet her. Especially since I’m considerably more interested in cats than babies at this point.

I often see people posting obsessively about nieces and nephews on Facebook (or on OkCupid, which is just confusing–is it your kid or someone else’s?), and I’ve always thought it was a little weird. They’re not your baby. You didn’t do anything to create the little heathen. So what’s the big deal?

But now I know. I can’t explain why it’s a big deal, but it is. It’s a huge deal.

A week after Anna was born, my mom said to me, “I just love her so much.” There was bewilderment in her voice–not that she’d love Anna, because obviously that was going to happen. But that she would love her as much as she did despite the degrees of separation. Now I understand what she meant.

Have you experienced this phenomenon? Can you explain it?

5 thoughts on “Niece’s Pieces”

  1. When I met my oldest niece (now 4) for the first time I couldn’t believe how quickly I fell in love with her. I remember sitting in the hospital holding her and looking down at her thinking it feels like she’s been in this family the whole time. I now have a second niece and I really can’t picture our family without the two of them.

    When they were younger I always worried about them remembering me because we weren’t close in distance. My brother and sister-in-law always showed them pictures of family and as they got older we started having short conversations on the phone. The last time I went to visit I remembering pulling into the driveway and the house windows were open…all I could hear was giggling and “Auntie Lala is here! Auntie Lala is here!”

    Just a little bit of advice…NEVER have a couple of drinks (margaritas), go to a store (Target) and talk to your niece on the phone. You will walk out with a cart full of presents…true story. Now I know you might be thinking you would never do that(especially walk into a store — maybe you’ll shop online) but adorable nieces make you do crazy things. 🙂

    Looking forward to hearing about you meeting baby Anna for the first time!

  2. When my niece Michaela was born, I went through a similar reaction, and was fortunate enough to be able to visit her just hours after she was born. I remember waiting around for the news all day, and being so utterly distracted at work that my boss let me leave early to wait at the hospital.

    I’m probably a little biased, but she’s one of the best and coolest kids I’ve ever met, and when I have watched her in the past, I have always been proud to say she “belongs” to me, despite the fact that I’ve had relatively little influence over her upbringing. I’ve never been able to explain why I love this little girl so much, and I’ve also never questioned why that is, but I know I’d do anything for her, including driving 13 hours to accompany her to church camp.

  3. There’s just something special about Margaret’s little face that can brighten my day in an instant. Everything she does is cute and endearing. I’m sure I’m one of the ones you’re referring to (the obsessive posters) because I’m deeply attached to my little bugaboo and have been since day one. I marveled at her perfectly formed ears, her tiny fingernails, the way she yawns that crooked little yawn….it’s all amazing. Now that she’s walking and talking and has this little personality, I love being with her all the more. In fact, I’m on my honeymoon right now and my brother is getting MKK into her bathing suit to come swim with us 🙂 She’s 30 lbs and almost two years of delight!

  4. I need to send you a better picture!! Anna is looking forward to meeting you soon and she looks so much older than the posted picture. You’ve missed a few weeks of her life, but I frequently talk about Uncle Jamey and Uncle Andrew and she’s saving up her special smile for you two. 🙂


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