The Joy of Being Arrested

Arrested-Development-Wallpaper-arrested-development-812320_1280_1024Thank you, Netflix.

7 years have passed since Arrested Development went off the air. I have the DVDs, and I’ve watched the series multiple times since then. But it’s been a while, and honestly, I had forgotten how truly amazing the show is.

Until tonight.

After searching my TiVo and HBO Go for the Game of Thrones episode I thought I had missed (as far as I can tell, there wasn’t one…or was there? Was the previous week the finale? I must know!), I decided to watch a few episodes of Arrested Development: Season 4 instead. Even though I was eagerly awaiting the new series, for some reason I wasn’t as anxious to see it as I thought. Perhaps it was the fact that I can watch it whenever I want.

But as soon as I started watching, it was like a piece of my soul that had been removed for many years found its way back to my body. I feel whole now that I’ve watched two new episodes of a show that I loved–and love–so much. Arrested Development, you complete me.

If you’re a fan of Arrested Development, you know what I’m talking about. If you’re not a fan, take some time this summer to watch the first 3 seasons on Netflix and then join the rest of us for season 4. If you need some convincing, turn on episode 4.2 to watch how Buster helps his mom skirt around a non-smoking regulation and an ankle bracelet. It’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

Without spoiling anything, have you enjoyed season 4 so far?

9 thoughts on “The Joy of Being Arrested”

  1. As you know, I’m not generally up to speed with these caddywhompus, newfangled technologies. Is there any way to watch the new Arrested Development episodes via TV, or are they only available with an Internet connection?

    • Hey Trev, you actually have to have Netflix Instant to watch the show. I think it’s about $8 for a month–I would say it’s totally worth it.

  2. We watched all of Season 4 on Monday, amazing! It started off slow but then found its groove as everything came together. I definitely need to re-watch to catch all the nuances.

  3. And HBO GO says we’ve only had 8 episodes of GOT this season. None last week.I think it’s usually ~10 episodes/season. But book 3 is loner than either Book 1 or 2.

  4. I was ecstatic to see that Arrested Development was back, and am refraining from marathon watching the entire new season (I think I’m on #5 now). So far I’ve enjoyed almost every joke or gag from the new season.

    And to answer your question about GoT, I recall seeing an announcement on Sunday that there wasn’t going to be a new episode this week, but it should be back this Sunday.

    • Yeah, I’m going to need Game of Thrones to tell me that in person from now on. Particularly if the messenger is any of the women on the show dressed in traditional GoT garb.

      • I’m sure if you ask nicely HBO would be happy to oblige with that request… I mean it’s not like it would that much of an inconvenience to send an actress over to your condo to deliver the news. 🙂


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