The Joys of Unclehood

Anna whiteThis weekend I traveled back home to Virginia for a mini family reunion of sorts and to meet my first niece, Anna. I discovered right away that (a) my niece is amazing, (b) human babies are different than cats, and (c) that it’s amazing how long you can hold your arm in one place when you’re worried about dropping a baby.

Anna is a little over a month old, and she’s not the happiest of babies. She has some GI issues and is rarely comfortable; when she wasn’t sleeping, she was either crying or on the verge of crying. Everyone wanted nothing more than to help her relax, so we were constantly holding her to our bellies (she likes belly to belly) and walking around (she prefers that to staying still).

I found it very peaceful to hold her. She didn’t try to claw her way out of my arms like my cats do; rather, she calmed down and looked at things as we walked. Although I didn’t do much, Anna fell asleep whenever I was carrying her, which made me feel useful. My sister and her husband need the break.

I understand more than ever now why people are obsessed with their nieces, nephews, and babies. They’re big miracles in small packages. Holding Anna certainly didn’t make me want kids any more than I already do (I would be fine not having kids), but I’m so grateful to have her in our family.

anna sleep

Anna has already mastered Viticulture
Anna has already mastered Viticulture

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  1. She’s beautiful! Congrats! I’m pretty sure our daughter had some intestinal issues as well and was quite upset for the first 3 months or so of her life. I’m sure your sister and brother-in-law much appreciated your willingness to help! Love the cat reference! 🙂


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