The Solo Concert

GenerationalsTonight I was all set to attend a concert for a group called Generationals at the Old Rock House here in St. Louis. A friend and I had bought tickets over a month ago. I set a calendar reminder. She didn’t.

Fortunately, everything worked out–she was able to make it with her boyfriend, and we all enjoyed a great show at a very cool, low-key venue. But when I left the house tonight on the way to the concert, I really had no idea if I would end up watching the concert alone or not.

I’ve written about being alone in circumstances like these before. I traveled to Ireland alone a year and a half ago, and although I enjoyed the freedom, I must admit that I felt very alone when I was out in public, particularly at restaurants. Two years ago I went to see Harry Potter 7.2 alone, and I rather loved it. There’s little to no interaction with other people during a movie, and I liked that I didn’t have to worry if the person next to me was as excited about the movie as I was.

I kind of felt that way about the Generationals concert. I could have called around at the last minute to scrounge up another friend, but I would have spend the entire concert wondering if they considered the time well spent. So I went alone. I bought a beer, sat down at a table, and enjoyed the opening band from a distance (like many opening bands, their speakers were turned up WAY too loud).

And you know what? It wasn’t bad at all.

Like I said, my friend and her boyfriend eventually showed up. But I was there alone for at least a half hour, sipping my Newcastle, watching the band, and thumbing through my phone during the break between bands. It wasn’t as great as being alone during Harry Potter, because a concert bar is a more open venue than a dark theater, but it was much better than the Ireland experience.

Have you ever gone to a concert alone? What types of public activities are you willing to do–or even prefer to do–alone?

5 thoughts on “The Solo Concert”

  1. Sure, plenty of times. If you’ve got a fellow hard core companion, that’s the tops. But, otherwise, I don’t mind flying solo. The last thing I wanna do while hearing Dylan play “Senor (Tales of Yankee Power)” for the 1st time is make small talk.

    • Surely there must be some things you want to do less than make small talk during Dylan. What about fighting a hungry tiger while listening to Dylan? Or cleaning a clogged toilet while listening to Dylan?

  2. OK, you got me w/ the clogged toilet. There’s a future blog idea. What do you want to do less than tame a troubled toilet? I’ll take the hungry tiger every time.

  3. I can do pretty much anything alone and be OK with it. While I’m not sure I prefer to do anything alone, I do enjoy traveling alone. Laura is a fantastic travel companion, and I probably would have said that I prefer traveling alone earlier in life, but I do still find a sense of calm and introspection from traveling by myself, particularly on trips that involve long drives, more remote/scenic areas, and little to no heavily trafficked areas (like airports or major cities).


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