Pet Peeve #49: Unrequested Debit Card Renewals

debit-cardI have a few debit cards and a few credit cards. For the sake of brevity, I’ll use the term “debit card” in this entry, but I’m referring to both.

Every now and then, a debit card company will send me a new card. The letter enclosed with the card always has the same feel to it–the debit card company acts like they’re doing me a favor by sending me an updated card.

Granted, sometimes they are doing me a favor. If the card is about to expire, it’s very helpful for the debit card company to realize that and send me a new card.

But that’s literally the only situation when it’s okay to send me an unrequested debit card renewal. For every other occasion, I would prefer to stick with the old card. Some examples of the excuses debit card companies use to send me new cards are:

  • “We changed our company logo!”
  • “We have nothing else to do!”
  • “We recently discovered that we have a debit-card renewal fetish, and we’re exploring that aspect of our sexuality.”
  • “We really like messing with you. Expect another new card in a few weeks.”


I don’t want to have to figure out all the different places that I’ve registered my card for automatic billing. How will my Cat of the Month club auto-renew? How will my membership to continue? How will my subscription to the inspirational video series, “Tiny Hands, Big Heart” stay active?

I’m writing this because–you guessed it–one of my debit card companies sent me a new card. Frankly, I refuse to activate it until someone from the company shows up at my door and makes me do it. I hope it’s a bottomless day at the Stegmaier residence when they do.

Have you had this happen? Does it irk you as much as it irks me? How do you feel about the word “irk”?