Pet Please #88: When Your Website Is Live Again

willy-wonkaBloggers, you know the feeling all too well. The buildup of tension, of anticipation. The growing desire–and then need–for something more. You’ve waited so long for this moment, and you can feel it finally coming. You don’t know exactly when, but you can barely hold on any longer. It can’t happen soon enough.

I’m talking, of course, about when your website is down and you’re waiting for it to go live again.

That waiting period could easily be a pet peeve, as it is utter agony, but I wanted to put a positive spin on it. I experienced the waiting for most of today as I waited for the Stonemaier Games domain to transfer over to a permanent provider. I submitted the transfer request last week, and the site was fully functional all weekend until I pressed “submit” on a mammoth blog entry about international shipping for Kickstarter. Terrible timing.

I waited all day for the site to go live again. When it finally did, it was like watching Amy Adams dive into a chocolate river while being serenaded by a thousand kittens. It was the best. And it could not have happened if the website wasn’t down in the first place.

Have you experienced this? Or perhaps something similar where the waiting period is incredibly frustrating, but it makes the final destination so sweet?