Seeking a Pet at the End of the World

seekingTonight during dinner I started watching a movie called “Seeking a Friend at the End of the World.” It stars Michael Scott and Kiera Knightly, and it’s basically about the end of the world. There are asteroids headed for earth, and everyone is responding to their inevitable doom in different ways.

Most of the ways people respond seem pretty realistic. I could see people doing crazy stuff if the world were ending. Lots of sex, drugs, violence, etc.

But there was one oddity at the beginning of the movie that stood out to me. Steve Carrell falls asleep in a park, and he wakes up to find that someone has left their dog with him.

Now, I could see myself doing a lot of crazy stuff at the end of the world. The infamous loincloth would definitely come into play. But the very last thing I would do–and the very last thing I could see any pet owner doing–would be to desert my cats. Absolutely not. Especially not at the end of the world.

Can anyone make sense of that? I know that some animals are deserted and mistreated all the time, unfortunately. But this seemed different. This dog came from someone who had owned the dog for quite some time (based on the dog’s age), and yet with two weeks left until the apocalypse, they were ready to let the dog go. Maybe it’s just bad writing, but it doesn’t make sense to me at all.

What do you think? Would you desert your pet if the world were ending in 2 weeks?

9 thoughts on “Seeking a Pet at the End of the World”

  1. I thought the owner possibly went and committed suicide. Still a cowardly move. I would never desert my pets. Besides my loved ones, they would be my support system during those last few days.

    • Teddy–That makes sense. But, like you said, it’s quite unfortunate. I couldn’t leave my pets behind like that.

  2. Deserting my pets would be the very last thing on my mind if the world was ending, heck whenever we have bad storms one of my first instincts is to make sure the cat carrier and dog leash are out and easily accessible in case I need to make a quick exit with animals in tow.

    You’ll have to share a spoiler free review of this movie when you’ve finished it– it was in my queue for Netflix but I haven’t gotten to it yet.

    • Katy–Well done! You’re actually ready for the apocalypse. I’m ill-prepared for it when it comes to the cats.

      • Cat carrier and dog leash at the ready qualifies as apocalypse preparation?? That’s excellent news, since I literally have nothing else prepared for any emergencies.

  3. I would never desert Beckham. In fact, I think I would take him to all the places dogs aren’t allowed to go. Who’s going to stop me when the world is going to end? 🙂

    • This is kind of a tough one for me. And I’m ready to be hated for it.

      I think it would honestly depend on what type of animal it was. If it REALLY were the end of the world, and my husband and I had our 2 young children (8 and 1) to care for and worry about, the pet is going to be last on the hierarchy. Unless…unless it can protect and/or help feed us. Another movie that comes to mind is “I Am Legend” starring the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. His dog was ALL he had, but they helped each other. They had such a great bond, such a deep emotional connection, that nothing could tear them apart. Spoiler alert: Until the unthinkable happened to his dog and he had to mercy kill him. At which point I balled my eyes out because I was so invested in them surviving together, and no longer saw it possible for Will to last much longer without him.

      We’ve talked about cats before Jamey. 😉 But honestly, what can a cat do for you at the world’s end? I guess it would also depend on HOW the world ends. If it were just a big nuclear explosion, then sure…keep your cat around for an emotional friend to help you through it. But, if it were Zombies, or cannibals, or War of The Worlds type stuff going on…can you honestly say you would carry your feline friend with you everywhere trying to survive? I suppose it really matters if you have a family or not as well, but even our basic instinct of survival would kick in at some point and you may end up needing to eat your once best friend.

      I hope everyone can understand and see where I’m coming from, and not think I’m a soul-less animal hater. I’ve owned many a pet and have loved them with the strength of a thousand rainbows.

      Dwight Schrute would totally agree with me! 🙂

      • Leandra–You bring up a great point. I think you’re the only commenter so far who has kids, so I’m glad you offered your perspective. I could probably see myself putting my kids first too. As it stands, my cats ARE my kids, so that’s what contributes to my decision to strap them into a cat papoose and forage my way across the world as the apocalypse looms.

        Dwight would totally agree with you!


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