My Top 10 Favorite Things

chocolateTonight I had a really fun date that involved some discussion of our top 10 favorite things. Near the end of the date, we wrote out long lists of things that make us extremely happy (we decided to leave sexual things off the lists), and we narrowed each list down to 10 items. Below is my list in no particular order:

  • when people come to me (i.e., to my home, instead of me going to them)
  • running faster than someone else (I’m a very fast sprinter, so I often daydream about that time I ran faster than someone else)
  • a good creative session (writing or designing)
  • treats (chocolate, dessert, ice cream, Slurpees)
  • when someone else’s animal likes me (I left my cats off the list because they already know they’re my favorite)
  • the day the next book/movie in a series I love finally is released (I was ecstatic the other day to learn that Lev Grossman is working on the final book of The Magicians trilogy)
  • being naked with a woman (in a non-sexual way, for the purposes of this list)
  • leftovers (I love opening the fridge to discover that a full meal has already been cooked just for me)
  • snuggles/cuddles (over the years I’ve discovered how snuggly I am, and how good it feels when someone snuggles up on me)
  • reading in bed before falling asleep (it’s how I end every night. It’s the best when it’s with someone else who loves the same thing)

Are any of those on your list? What else is on your list? There were a few that were really hard to leave off the list. Also, looking over the list, it seems like several of these could be done simultaneously. I wonder how many I could do at the same time…

Addendum: I just realized that I left off playing board games. I can’t leave that off. It’s definitely top 10. I would probably bump “when someone else’s animal likes me,” which I love, but I’d rather play board games.