Pet Please #90: When Something Better Is Impending

When he's not destroying Middle Earth, Sauron builds computers.
When he’s not destroying Middle Earth, Sauron builds computers.

I’ve had my current computer for over 5 years. It’s a desktop–I like the larger screen and separation between screen, mouse, and keyboard that you lose with a laptop. It’s a solid computer, and its done me well.

But it’s getting old. Everything is verrrry sloooww. If I copy and paste something–even a teensy Word document, I get that box that tells me that it’s thinking about pasting the file, followed by that blue horizontal bar that tells me the paste is happening. Sometimes by the time the paste happens, I’m occupied with something else and completely forgot what I pasted.

This is very annoying. Ridiculously annoying. So I recently bought a new computer, a super powered machine from Velocity Micro that will let me run 10 simultaneous Kickstarter campaigns while watching 20 cat videos on YouTube.

I don’t yet have this computer. Computers like this take time. They have to weld it together using metal forged in the depths of Mount Doom.

But the wonderful thing I’ve found is that all the super-annoying stuff about my computer is no longer annoying since I know that something better is on the way. The new computer isn’t even here yet, but just the idea that it is coming soon has changed my attitude. My computer’s shortcomings seem cute or even nostalgic, like we’re having our last hurrah together before her husband gets back from vacation.

I was told a while ago by a wise friend that the same method is crucial for the success of long-distance relationships. If you know for sure that at a specific point in the future you will be together again, it makes the wait not seem so much like a wait. I think I’d rather get a new computer than a new long-distance relationship, but I think the point is valid.

Have you ever experienced this?


4 thoughts on “Pet Please #90: When Something Better Is Impending”

  1. Oh, wow – I think I’m the exact opposite. If I had a new computer on the way, my old, slow computer would torture me more every time I used it. And a long-distance relationship? I’m in one. Sometimes. He’s a pilot. He travels 4 or 5 times each month. Those 4 or 5 days when he’s on his way home are agonizingly long.


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