When in Doubt, Talk About Miley Cyrus

I apologize for this photo, but it perfectly captures what I describe in this blog entry.

I apologize for this photo, but it perfectly captures what I describe in this blog entry.

I have two confessions:

One: I’ve been struggling to think of blog entries lately. I don’t know why. Usually my list of blog topics is quite long, but lately it hasn’t added up, and I don’t want to paste random crap on the internet just to have something on the blog.

Two: That’s exactly what I’m going to do today. Because I don’t care about Miley Cyrus at all. Or the VMAs. Or any award show, for that matter.

But maybe there’s something interesting to talk about here. We’ll find out in a minute.

So, apparently last night Miley Cyrus put on quite a show at the VMAs. She stripped down to next to nothing and proceeded to “twerk,” a term that I literally had to look up on Urban Dictionary.

Twerk: The rhythmic gyrating of the lower fleshy extremities in a lascivious manner with the intent to elicit sexual arousal or laughter in ones intended audience.

Back in my day we called this “grinding,” but perhaps twerking is a more inclusive term. When you grind, it must be against someone else. When you twerk, it can be against anything, including, as Miley Cyrus demonstrated, one of those oversized foam fingers you see at sporting events.

Which, I’ll admit, was rather clever.

I watched the Miley Cyrus performance earlier today, and I just watched it again a minute again, and my reaction remains the same: Weird. But…

The “weird” part comes from the absurdity of the performance. Cyrus rubs the foam finger against her crotch a number of times, gyrates against a male performer several times, and even positions the foam finger in such a way that it looks like she has a penis. Her facial expressions are just as random. Lots of sticking her tongue out and licking the air.

It’s not sexy, I know that. It’s just so over the top and weird.

The “but…” stems from this: Although Miley Cyrus isn’t my cup of tea, congrats to her for owning her sexuality (whether or not it includes a foam finger fetish). Because if a male performer spent his stage time rubbing himself against female backup dancers and thrusting his crotch in the air, it wouldn’t make the news. That’s just an average Sunday.

So while I don’t think Cyrus had a tasteful performance, I commend her for taking ownership of her sexuality. There’s no reason a woman should have to hide her desire for wanting or enjoying sex.

Wow, I’m glad this blog entry actually went somewhere! I’m curious what you think. Especially female readers.

Endnote added after searching for photos for this post: Did Lady Gaga wear a g-string on stage?! Can you do that on television?