Your Favorite Business Book

I have some good news. A year and a half ago, I wrote a dystopian novel called Wrinkle. I revised it a few times, sent it out to beta readers…and then I got really busy with Kickstarter and game design. Aside from publishing a game, my other lifelong dream has been to publish a book. As has … Read more

Clash of the Antiheroes: Dexter Morgan and Walter White

Note: This is a mostly spoiler-free post about the TV shows Dexter and Breaking Bad. Any spoilers below are general spoilers and include nothing specific from the past several seasons. Over the past several years, we’ve gotten to know two nuanced, fascinating TV characters by the name of Dexter Morgan and Walter White. Dexter is a serial killer … Read more

The Clown: Perhaps My Favorite News Story Ever

This headline caught my eye the other day: “Northampton Clown Terrorizes English Town Just By Standing Around.” I checked the source to see if it was an Onion article. Nope. This is a real story about a real person who has been dressing up in a clown costume and popping up randomly in a British town. The … Read more

Pet Please #96: Big Bands in Small Venues

Never have I wanted an encore more. One of my favorite bands, Typhoon, had just finished an hour-long set at the Old Rock House in St. Louis. The crowd continued clapping and cheering as the band left the building to hang out on the patio. We didn’t stop clapping until they came back in. “One … Read more