Guinness and Gum

wheelchairsThanks to TiVo, I don’t watch TV commercials while watching TV. However, every now and then I see people sharing a commercial on social media. If a commercial is so good that people are actually taking the time to share it (and probably watch it more than once), I have to take a look and tip my cap to the brilliant marketers that created it.

Today I have two such commercials. They both speak to me in different ways, but I think they’re both worth sharing. What do you think? Have you seen any commercials as touching or as compelling as these lately?



1 thought on “Guinness and Gum”

  1. Thanks for sharing both of those videos! Since I also do not watch commercials, chances are I would have missed out on them, too.
    I wish you had a warning on the gum one though, that it might cause tears to be shed. The last commercial I can remember making me have such an emotional response to was the Google Hangout “Jess Time” from last year. I mistakenly just watched that one again to share the link, and now I’m pretty sure the cats and dog think I’m crazy for crying in front of my laptop screen. 🙂


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