Pet Peeve #50: Netflix Movies That Are Too Good to Watch

The IntouchablesA while ago I read about a phenomenon on Netflix involving movies with really high ratings. Biopics, documentaries, foreign films, Oscar-winning independent films…those kinds of movies.

Apparently Netflix discovered two things about peoples’ behavior when adding those types of movies to their queue. People are quick to add those 4.5-star movies to their queue, but very rarely do they actually receive those movies. And when they do, they’re much more likely than cheesy 2-star movies to sit on a person’s coffee table for months at a time while Netflix cashes in.

When I read that article, I scoffed and turned up my nose at the idea. Perhaps the commoners would choose a 2-star movie over a critically acclaimed 4.5-star film, but not me. Not a Harvard-educated (well, technically speaking, “Harvard of the Midwest”), nightly flossing, two-cat-owning elitist like me.

Flashforward to yesterday.

For the past month, I’ve had The Intouchables (4.4 stars, French with English subtitles) sitting on my coffee table. I get two DVDs at a time, so while The Intouchables was gathering dust, I watched Grown Ups, For a Good Time Call, 27 Dresses, and Olympus Has Fallen.

I should be disgusted with myself. Especially since I finally watched The Intouchables, and not only was it quite good, but it was also very entertaining.

But I’m fine with my selections. Yes, the realization took me down a few notches. But I think I’ve now know that sometimes a little mindless entertainment is exactly what I need. A movie doesn’t need 5 stars to be wildly entertaining.

Or, in the case of Grown Ups, a complete waste of time.

Please, please choose The Intouchables over Grown Ups.

I’m reticent to admit that I fall into Netflix’s first category as well: A number of acclaimed films have sat on my queue, never making it to the top, for years and years. I actually cleaned out the queue a while ago, but a few such films still remain. If you’ve seen any of these, would you recommend I finally move them to the top of the queue?

  • The Two Escobars
  • The Cove
  • The Outsiders
  • Gomorrah

Or should I just watch There’s Something About Mary again and love every minute of it?