Pet Please #95: When a Website Says Your Password Is Strong

image_1I spend most of my day clicking around on a computer, often online. So many websites and blogs and e-mails. For all that clicking, though, there’s very little interaction with the websites themselves. It’s usually a one-way street: You click a link, and you go to that link. You type something and send it, and that’s it.

There’s very little feedback. Very little affirmation that the things you’re clicking are good.

But every now and then you encounter a new website for which you need to create a username and password. And if you’re lucky, it’s one of those sites that shows you a progress bar of how strong your password is. You get a very brief moment with the progress bar on the screen, but it’s a great moment.

For just a few seconds, it’s like the entire internet is your parents telling you they’re proud of you. It’s like the website is a pretty girl complimenting your smile. It’s like your cats gaining the ability to speak for three seconds, and they spend those three seconds telling you that they’re really glad you picked them out of all the other cats at the shelter.

It’s a great moment.

Look at how strong your password is, how clever you were to think of it. The internet just gave you a pat on the back. Now go sign in with your new password and enjoy your time on [insert weird niche website here].

2 thoughts on “Pet Please #95: When a Website Says Your Password Is Strong”

  1. Hahaha, I like this one. If you get an “ok” or “good” do you go back and make your password better? I do, and not because I’m worried about my account being compromised, but because it’s almost like they are telling me, “Come on, you’re better than that!”

    I can’t remember which website I was on, but I recently created a password, and it literally said, “Best password ever!” I think I shed a tear. I wanted to take a screenshot and remember that feeling for the rest of my life!

    • “Best password ever!”?! Wow.That’s awesome. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten that.

      Ha ha…yes, I sometimes end up changing it to get more affirmation. But it’s the best when you enter a strong password the first time. It’s like a great first kiss.


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