Pet Please #96: Big Bands in Small Venues

TyphoonNever have I wanted an encore more.

One of my favorite bands, Typhoon, had just finished an hour-long set at the Old Rock House in St. Louis. The crowd continued clapping and cheering as the band left the building to hang out on the patio.

We didn’t stop clapping until they came back in. “One more song,” the lead singer said.

“Three more songs!” someone in the crowd shouted back at him.

They settled on two.

I had never seen Typhoon in concert. In fact, as much as I love their music, I wasn’t aware of the size of their band until tonight: 11 people!

You know when you go to a movie that you previously thought was 90 minutes and you learn that it’s 150 minutes of pure awesomeness? You paid the same price, but you get so much more entertainment for your $10 (if it’s done well).

That’s how I felt tonight when Typhoon took the stage tonight with 11 people.

Possibly the best part about it is that it wasn’t a big stage. They were packed together up there. It isn’t a big venue at all. It’s big enough for maybe 300 people. But there’s no backstage, no labyrinth of tunnels for the band to use. They walked amongst us mere mortals on their way to and from the stage.

I’ve never felt the desire to reach out and touch a celebrity before, but I came close to doing so tonight. I mean, they were right there!

What’s your experience with big bands in small venues? Do you like it as much as I do?