Pet Peeve #51: The Non-Metric System

I was driving through the park today when I saw something really strange. A middle-aged male jogger was running with a tire (like, from a car) tied to a string that was attached to a harness around his torso. “Running” might not be the right word. He was kind of just stumbling along with a tire attached to him.

My first thought was: I bet this guy loves talking about how he jogs with his tire–he probably brings it up in conversation all the time. “So, I was jogging in Forest Park with my tire today…” (pause to see if the person asks about the tire) “Yeah, I run with a tire attached to my back. I fill it with quinoa and kale so I have something to eat after my run.”

My second thought was: I wish I had run sprints with a tire attached to me when I was young so that by the time I was in high school, I could have been a better sprinter.

These are the countries that don't use the metric system. Seriously.

These are the countries that don’t use the metric system. Seriously.

What does all this have to do with the metric system? Well, this train of thought got me thinking about things I wish I could have had ingrained into me as a kid so that they would be natural and instinctive now that I’m an adult. Near the top of that list is the metric system.

It makes NO sense that the US is on our non-metric system. Do we even have a name for it or did we completely make it it up like the turducken? The rest of the world is on a system that makes perfect sense, and we’re stuck on this nonsensical, archaic system of miles, pounds, and gallons.

The worst part of it is that it’s a vicious cycle. We were taught this system as kids, and our kids will be taught the same thing, and so on. There will never be a real incentive for us to switch over to metric system. Unless…

…what if our generation took one for the team? What if we sucked it up, paid the taxes required for all the road signs to change to kilometers, and learned the metric system despite our better judgment? What if our generation suffered so that all future generations could use denominations of 10 for everything?

Who’s with me?!