The Genius Fridge

teleport-fridge1Last week I went to the grocery store to buy ingredients for my ramen burger (which I’ve now eaten three times, and it gets better every time). I went shopping directly from work, so all I had was the grocery list on my phone as a reference. Without that list, I end up wandering around the grocery store for hours, leering at college girls and buying gourmet cheeses. I need my list.

The one big fault of the list, however, is that I create it on the fly, so I have no idea what’s actually in my fridge and pantry. Well, I have some idea. But it’s very rough around the edges.

So on this particular visit I knew that I needed teriyaki sauce for the burger, and I was pretty sure I had it in my fridge. I didn’t want to buy another bottle, because what am I ever going to do with that much teriyaki sauce?

Of course, when I got home I discovered that I had no teriyaki sauce. Somehow I had three bottles of A1 in the fridge, but no teriyaki. Don’t ask.

When I mentioned this dilemma on Facebook, one person mentioned smart refrigerators that let you scan items as you put them in the fridge or before you throw them away. Which is fine and all, but that’s a lot of work, and I bet it’s even more frustrating then when you still end up with three bottles of A1 because you forgot to scan them.

Then someone brought up an absolutely brilliant idea: What if you could install a camera inside your fridge that linked to an app on your phone? If you’re at the grocery store wondering if you have enough milk for the week, you can load the app, snap a photo, and instantly see the contents of the fridge. You could even have a separate camera for your pantry if needed.

Does anything like this exist?

3 thoughts on “The Genius Fridge”

  1. The easiest solution I can think of would be to install one of those WiFi home security cameras (that you can access with an app on your phone) in your fridge…I’d personally rather use a camera like that to monitor my cats when I’m not at home, but if you’d rather be able to pull up a live stream of what’s happening inside your fridge, then I say go for it!


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