The Most Amazing Halloween Prank Ever

Are you having a bad Monday? It’s about to get a lot better.

I love a good prank as long as no one gets hurt or offended. The prank in the video below couldn’t be more perfect. A comedian rigged a grim reaper costume with a remote-control helicopter so that it really looks like it’s flying. The reactions are priceless. I’m sure I would react the same way if I encountered this.


3 thoughts on “The Most Amazing Halloween Prank Ever”

  1. Jamie,

    That Tom Mabe Halloween prank is hilarious! It reminded me of a prank I did a few times in my 20’s.

    I used to live in a small flat/apartment where you could hear everything. So after I got a new girlfriend and she was staying over, I would hide a bucket of water. That night, after going to bed I would excuse myself to go to the bathroom. I would then break the silence by slowly trickling the bucket of water into the toilet, the sound reverberating throughout the flat.

    My record for emptying the bucket was around 10 minutes – though usually after 5 minutes my new GF would be suspicious and get up to investigate. To encourage her to get up – I would mix up my pouring technique (fast/slow, stop/start), which made the sound totally bizarre, even once making me laugh out loud, giving the game away.

    When I finally got caught out – the reaction was always worth it.

    • Philip: I’m delighted by this prank, especially since you kept it going for a while. How long was it until she figured it out?

      • Sorry for not explaining myself better. I did it over the course of a few years as a “one off” with different GF’s – though one did catch me in the act and took a photo – not my best look, being half naked holding a bucket of water (hope you’re not a visual person). Another complained she’d thought about ringing an ambulance until she realised it was a gag, and had a bit of a chuckle – so it worked out okay.


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