The Snugg: A Review

No, this isn’t a review about my experience with the St. Louis Snuggle Club (which doesn’t exist but totally should). This is a review about an iPhone case sent to me for review from a very nice company called The Snugg.

When The Snugg approached me about a review, I told them up front that I gave up using iPhone cases when I got my 4S last year. I had read a David Pogue article about how it didn’t make sense to cover up beautiful design with a case, especially when the iPhone uses a specific type of glass that protects it from many accidents.

However, The Snugg presented an interesting dilemma, because their cases are beautiful. I selected the bamboo case here, and I spent the last week showing it off to people (sometimes in sneaky ways, like using my phone to point at a presentation or using it as a tray for my lunch).

So let me break it down for you:

The Pros

  • It’s beautiful. I really like that it’s real wood–it contrasts well with the slim technology of the iPhone.
  • It’s durable. The Snugg completely protects the phone, including a raised edge on the front so your screen can’t hit the ground.
  • It protects the buttons. Without a case, I’ve noticed that if I bend down with my phone in my pocket, something about that movement switches the phone into vibrate mode. With the Snugg, that never happened.

The Cons

  • It’s bulky. After converting to a slim wallet several years ago, I like to keep my pockets light. The Snugg definitely adds some girth to my crotch. (Wait…)
  • It protects the buttons. This is a blessing and a curse. I found it harder to press the on button at the top of the phone with the Snugg.
  • It’s almost impossible to get off the phone. By that I mean that it is impossible. Seriously. I can’t get it off.

It’s tough to make a final decision about it for your benefit, because my cons may not be your cons, and my pros may not be your pros. Also, this is one Snugg case out of thousands.

If you are intrigued, feel free to check it out here. You can use the discount code “JameyCrotchGirth.”*

*You will receive a $0 discount with this code.

2 thoughts on “The Snugg: A Review”

  1. Thanks for the recommendation. Although I have actually been looking for ways to increase the girth of my crotch, they sadly don’t have any options for my non-iPhone that I like. The search continues.

    • May I recommend a fanny pack or mom jeans, or the ole banana-in-the-pocket trick? The combination of all three works wonders.


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